What are PEC-01™ cells? How are they made?

/What are PEC-01™ cells? How are they made?

PEC-01 cells are a human cell product, developed and manufactured by ViaCyte, composed primarily of pancreatic progenitor cells.  PEC-01 cells are manufactured from a line of pluripotent embryonic stem cells (called CyT49) using a carefully controlled directed differentiation process.  The differentiation process is designed to yield a cell population that can mature into glucose-responsive insulin-producing cells.  PEC-01 cells, as a result of the directed differentiation, are not pluripotent stem cells.  In animal studies, after implantation PEC-01 cells have been shown to further differentiate and mature into pancreatic endocrine cells, including beta cells that secrete human insulin in response to increases in blood glucose.