Lisa Hepner, a filmmaker living with type 1 diabetes, and her husband Guy Mossman are producing a feature-length documentary on ViaCyte’s efforts to develop a better treatment for diabetes.

The documentary, called The Human Trial, follows the company and collaborators as ViaCyte is advancing the first stem cell-derived islet cell replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes through clinical trials.

Paul Laikind, Ph.D., ViaCyte’s President and CEO, told TuDiabetes that ViaCyte’s product candidate is designed to “do what the body has lost the ability to do, which is produce insulin naturally from the beta cells…and replace the other cells in the endocrine system that also help to control blood glucose.”

A Sweet Life notes that this “is the first clinical trial of its kind and The Human Trial is the first film to take us backstage into the world of cure research.”

Hepner told A Sweet Life that she wants to show “the Herculean efforts behind most cure research.”  She also wants “people with diabetes, particularly type 1 diabetes who are waiting for a cure, not to give up.”

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