CBS 8 News in San Diego featured a local walk to raise money for JDRF.  The piece mentioned that some of the funds would support ViaCyte and our efforts to develop and test the VC-01™ product, comprised of an implantable device that holds precursor cells that upon implant in a patient are expected to differentiate to become pancreatic islet cells that produce insulin and other blood sugar-regulating hormones.

ViaCyte CEO Paul Laikind, Ph.D., also appeared in the TV spot.  He explained that the VC-01 product has the potential of freeing type 1 diabetes patients from constantly worrying about their blood sugar levels.  The goal is for the VC-01 product to become a functional cure, monitoring blood sugar and releasing hormones essentially the same way as islets in a normal healthy pancreas would.

Watch the video from CBS 8 News