Fueling Innovation: ViaCyte’s Medical Biotechnology Career Showcase 2015

//Fueling Innovation: ViaCyte’s Medical Biotechnology Career Showcase 2015

Investing in the Future

Here at ViaCyte, we believe in the importance of teaching and supporting our future generations in their scientific endeavors in order to fuel innovation.  With that, we were happy to host our first Medical Biotechnology Career Showcase where we provided high school students from around the San Diego region the opportunity to explore careers in regenerative medicine with the insights, knowledge, and guidance from the professionals at ViaCyte.

Students learned what it means to pursue a career in science by participating in discussions and demonstrations from a number of members of the ViaCyte team including execs, scientists, and engineers.

Lab 1: Stem Cells & Cell Culture – fed a mock flask of cells, and observed and imaged cultured cells using a microscope

Lab 2: Design Engineering – reviewed the medical device design process, from initial CAD to finished device and observed 3D printer in action

Lab 3: Medical Device Manufacturing –operated laser cutting materials, part inspection, and assembly of a mock device by ultrasonic welding

Lab 4: Product Manufacturing – performed a mock device filling operation in a barrier isolator

Lab 5: Histology & Imaging –observed stages of histological specimen preparation and performed inspection of stained tissue slides

A big thank you to all of the students who participated in making our first career showcase a great success!